How much does it cost?

£26.50 + VAT per month

How long is the contract?

It is a month by month contract

After sign up when does my first payment go out?

You get the first month free, so the first payment will go 1 month after sign up

Can I pay by direct debit?

Yes, this is the preferred payment method

Can I pay by bank transfer?


Can I pay by debit or credit card?

Yes, charges may apply

Is there a limit to how many items I list?


How long will an item stay live?

Two weeks, you will receive a notification asking if you would like to relist

Can I ask other members if I’m looking for something in particular?

Yes, by visiting the wanted section and submitting a request

Can I see what other members are looking for?

Yes, by visiting the wanted section or viewing the email summaries

Can I ask other traders for advice (i.e. Transport companies to use etc)

Yes, via the ‘Ask a trader’ section

How often will I receive email summaries?

Most days

Will email summaries include both offered and wanted items?


What do I do if I’m interested in an item?

Use the enquire section next to the item,  this will contact the supplier directly

Is the service accessible 24/7?


Why can’t I do it myself?

You can. However, our speciality is providing a system that enables you to easily offer, request and receive items from like-minded traders very simply at a very reasonable price, your time is probably better served elsewhere

What do I do if I want to suggest a feature for you to add to the service?

Please email your suggestion to

How do I contact you?

The best form of contact for us is email ( it is regularly checked by real people and we will get back to you ASAP, alternatively you can call 01934 842864 or post to; Holloway Rocks, Lippiatt Lane, Shipham, Somerset, BS25 2QX

What do I do if my question isn’t listed within the FAQ’s?

Simply email your question to and we will respond as soon as possible